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Prostheses of lower extremities

Lower limb prostheses – high-quality and effective devices

Losing a leg or foot is difficult both physically and psychologically. But medicine can restore the functionality of the leg with the help of lower limb prosthetics in Ukraine. The devices can fully replace a leg or foot and help you perform various tasks, including running or playing sports.

You can order a lower limb prosthesis at Tellus, a specialized company in Odesa and Ukraine. We have more than 20 years of experience, use only reliable and high-quality materials, and employ the latest production technologies.

Lower limb prostheses – what types are there and how they work

Before choosing a prosthesis for the leg, the patient undergoes several stages of consultation and medical examination, which helps to assess the condition and quality of the amputation. Based on this, an individual device is selected.

There are several types of lower limb prostheses:

  • Ankle and foot. The system includes hydraulics that absorb shocks and the process of walking and a full adjustment of the speed of movement. The device detects micro-compressions of the ankle muscles or even changes in external conditions thanks to the processor. It can be either passive or active, depending on the system. There is also functionality that simulates twisting of the foot, for example, when playing golf.
  • Knee joint. The design is controlled by body strength and muscle movements. You can adjust the effort when walking to reduce strain, increase safety, and prevent the risk of falling.
    For certain sports. Special prostheses are suitable for athletes who lead an active lifestyle or perform labor activities. They are equipped with reliable receiving sleeves and suspensions, rotation and twisting systems.
  • The price of a lower limb prosthesis – what does it depend on
    It is difficult to say in advance what the cost of lower limb prostheses will be. Everything is determined individually and depends on a number of factors, primarily the patient’s condition. The method of amputation and the professionalism of the medical procedure also have an impact.

The lowest price of a lower limb prosthesis is for fixed devices

In fact, they only imitate the appearance of the leg, but do not have movable elements. In addition, such products are temporary and need to be changed periodically. Most often, a simulating immovable prosthesis is used to help a person get used to a new condition, deal with the psychological aspects of amputation, or wait for the manufacture of modern equipment.

There are also passive devices that help people walk or do simple work. They work more like a support, there is no decorative coating.

Active lower limb prostheses, which are more expensive, are made of reliable materials and have motion control systems. The high-tech device not only performs a range of tasks but also replaces the functionality of the leg. Movement, bending, and other processes are carried out with the help of a special electric motor, which receives signals from healthy muscles and stumps.

Tellus – professionals in the field of lower limb prosthetics

Tellus Prosthetic and Orthopedic Care Centers is a modern, high-tech company that provides assistance in the manufacture of high-quality devices and rehabilitation after its installation.

We use a combination of the best equipment, the latest technological ideas in the field of prosthesis fitting and reliable, safe materials for the device. Choosing Tellus, you get professional service and high-quality lower limb prosthetics.

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 5.04.2012, Ukrainians have the opportunity to receive free lower limb prosthetics if they have a special referral. Therefore, you can contact us for advice and manufacturing of the best device.

The price of a lower limb prosthesis in our company is affordable and democratic, and professionals will help you choose the best option for your budget.