Center for prosthetic and orthopedic care "Tellus"
Since 1998, we have been manufacturing and providing individual prosthetic and orthopedic products of any complexity to all persons with disabilities, including military service members.
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Prostheses of upper and lower extremities

Prostheses at Tellus are made on specialized German equipment from Ottobock (Germany). All workplaces of prosthetic technicians are equipped with all necessary tools and techniques. All our specialists constantly attend international seminars to improve their skills. Our company always uses the latest technologies in the field of prosthetics. At the present time we are implementing a 3D scanning system of the receiving sleeve for more accurate manufacturing of the stump. This makes it possible to produce a product that meets the client’s needs as much as possible.

The type of prosthesis and its configuration are determined individually by qualified prosthetic technicians taking into account clinical, anthropometric data and the patient’s activity level. Our specialists select the product, giving the client the opportunity to lead a normal life. In particularly complex cases, we engage European specialists, based at Tellus, who advise our technicians, helping them to achieve the best results.

We manufacture all types of prostheses of any complexity of lower and upper limbs, bionic and myonic prostheses of the upper limbs, prostheses of the feet, tibia, femur, prostheses of the hand and forearm, cosmetic prostheses, prostheses for bathing, and others. In prosthetics we use the following components: feet “Freedom Innovations” (USA), Ottobock (Germany); knee nodes “Nabtesco” (Japan), “Ottobock” (Germany), “Ortotek” (Turkey) components and materials “Ottobock”, Germany.

Prosthetic technicians keep in touch with clients during the entire period of product operation, performing warranty and post-warranty repairs, eliminating defects that arise during the period of operation.