Center for prosthetic and orthopedic care "Tellus"
Since 1998, we have been manufacturing and providing individual prosthetic and orthopedic products of any complexity to all persons with disabilities, including military service members.
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About us

Since 1998, Prosthetic and Orthopedic Care Center PF “Tellus” has been manufacturing individual prosthetic and orthopedic products.

Over these 20 years, we have gathered a team of qualified CPOs who are the only ones in Ukraine with ISPO diplomas in prosthetics and orthotics, and have equipped all production workshops with modern specialized equipment. We have improved customer service and implemented the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2003.

PF “Tellus” meets the qualification requirements established by the Ministry of Social Policy (MoM No. 27 and MoM No. 29), which gives us the right to manufacture, supply and repair rehabilitation equipment being guided by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 321 dated 05.04.2012.

MoM №27    MoM №29   

We have also installed all necessary European rehabilitation equipment in our premises, where our patients can undergo a rehabilitation course and learn how to make full use of prosthetic and orthopedic products.


For individual orders, PF “Tellus” manufactures and supplies:

  1. Upper and lower limb prostheses including 3D technologies
  2. Upper and lower limb, spinal orthoses including 3D technologies
  3. Individual orthopedic shoes for all types of deformation, which is manufactured also with the help of individual pads made using 3D technologies
  4. Individual orthopedic insoles using 3D technologies with CAD / CAM systems
  5. Customized and other wheelchairs
  6. Breast prostheses, bodices for attaching breast prostheses and other products.

Upper and lower limb prostheses

Prostheses at Tellus are manufactured using specialized German equipment from Ottobock (Germany). All workplaces of CPOs are equipped with all necessary tools and equipment. All our CPOs constantly attend international seminars to improve their skills. Our company always uses modern technologies in the field of prosthetics. At present, a 3D system is being introduced – scanning the socket for more accurate manufacturing of the stump. It allows us to produce a product that best suits the needs of the customer.

The type of prosthesis and its complete set are determined by individually qualified prosthetist technicians, taking into account clinical, anthropometric data and the level of the patient’s activity. Our specialists select the product, giving the client the opportunity to lead a normal life. In particularly difficult cases, we involve European specialists to work at Tellus factory and consult our technicians, helping them to achieve the best results.

We manufacture all types of prostheses, of any complexity, for lower and upper limbs, bionic and myonic prostheses for upper limbs, prostheses for feet, lower legs, hips, hand and forearm prostheses, cosmetic prostheses, bathing prostheses, etc. In prosthetics we use the following components and materials : components Ottobock(Germany), Proteor (France) , Nabtesсo (Japan), Ortotek (Turkey) and others.

CPOs keep in touch with clients during the entire period of operation of the product, carrying out warranty and post-warranty repairs, eliminating the shortcomings that arise during the operation period. After receiving the prosthesis, our specialists carry out full rehabilitation and teach clients how to use the product in a specially equipped rehabilitation room.

Upper and lower limb, spinal orthoses

Orthoses are orthopedic devices that are used to restore and correct dysfunction of the joints and spine. Tellus Center has extensive experience in manufacture of orthoses for lower and upper limbs and spinal orthoses systems. Orthoses are manufactured according to individual measurements and taking into account the existing pathologies of the patient. When manufacturing orthoses, German equipment Ottobock (Germany), components Becker Orthopedic” (USA), Ortorek (Turkey) and others are used. We make orthoses of any complexity.

Tellus is the only center in Ukraine that manufactures complex gait orthoses – reciprocal orthosis (RGO) – a device for restoring and correcting gait. It is made using components from “Becker Orthopedic” (USA), namely, a complex system of splints, hinges and a semi-corset. It is all done owing to experienced doctors and technicians of the center, who professionally examine the patient and take all necessary measurements for subsequent manufacture of the device, considering the individuality of the patient’s pathology case.

Sitting orthosis is an individual device that helps children with severe forms of cerebral palsy to support the affected areas of the body, and teaches the child to properly hold the spine and support the musculoskeletal system in general.

Since 2015, Tellus Center has begun manufacturing a device for treatment of scoliosis, namely a Sheno corset – a rigid corset that is made using 3D technology – scanning and modeling the corset with the use of a specialized software.

In addition to manufacture of the Sheno corset, our patients undergo a full course of treatment with physiotherapy exercises, massage and correction, and subsequent replacement of the corset due to growth or positive dynamics.

Orthopedic shoes made with the help of individual shoe lasts using 3D technologies

Tellus Center has 20 years of experience in manufacture of individual orthopedic shoes. Tellus is the only private company in Ukraine that manufactures orthopedic shoes according to individual pads based on 3D scans. Technicians  produce individual orthopedic shoes for all types of foot deformities of any complexity.

The main problem in manufacture of individual footwear is incorrect patient measurements. Unlike manual measurement and adjustment of standard pads, automation of this process minimizes the likelihood of errors and allows you to take into account all the structural features of the foot, which is very important for patients with pathologies, diabetes mellitus, various foot deformities and others.

We use 3D and 2D scanners from “Paromed” (Germany), which are the best on the orthopedic market. With the help of scanners, it is possible to reproduce in electronic form a leg model exactly copying the patient’s limb. With the help of special modeling software from the world’s leading manufacturers in this field, complex pads with any deformation are made. High-class milling machines allow us to make pads of any shape and complexity.

Our technicians were trained in Germany, where they learned to scan feet and model individual pads from the best specialists, and they also regularly improve their skills at Ukrainian, international training courses and seminars, each time improving their professionalism in shoe production.

Own staff of professional fashion designers constantly replenishes and improves the collection of models. In our models, attractive design is combined with healing properties. All products undergo multi-stage quality control. For manufacture of individual orthopedic shoes, special imported and domestic components are used, high-quality materials that are available in the shoe industry. In shoes manufacture, only genuine leather and leather lining are used.

An individual approach, possibility of trying on and finalizing products, qualified personnel, many years of experience in manufacture of individual orthopedic shoes guarantee the maximum therapeutic effect.

Individual orthopedic insoles made using 3D technologies

Tellus company is one of the few companies in Ukraine that manufactures individual orthopedic insoles using 3D technologies with CAD / CAM systems. CAD / CAM systems are a widely-known and promising area in the world of modern technologies and represent a complete cycle of a product from modeling to its manufacture.

The process of manufacturing individual products using 3D technologies with CAD / CAM systems consists of:

  • scanning with 2D / 3D scanners;
  • modeling of an individual product in a special program by an orthopedic doctor;
  • file transfer to a CNC milling machine

product check and final adjustment.
Today, individual orthopedic insoles are the most effective way to treat and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system, both for children and adults. They are produced considering  the anatomical features of the foot of each person, owing to which the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved.

In the process of manufacturing individual orthopedic insoles, the following features of the patient are taken into account:

  • foot structure;
  • diseases and pathologies of the foot;
  • degree and stages of disease development;
  • patient’s weight;
  • condition and features of the spine and pelvis;
  • patient’s lifestyle.

For manufacture of orthopedic insoles, German material specially developed for medical purposes is used, which has a number of important features: hypoallergenic, allows air and moisture to pass through, prevents the growth of bacteria, and is distinguished by wear-resistant properties.

Individual orthopedic insoles “Tellus” provide the correct balance of the feet, evenly distribute the load on all parts of the foot, reduce the load on the ankle, knee and hip joints and the spine, improve blood circulation, reduce the feeling of fatigue in the legs, and also reduce pain in case of problems with the transverse and longitudinal arch, have a therapeutic effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Customized wheelchairs by the Italian company “Vassili” and others

Breast prostheses and bodices

Tellus Center has the ability to provide breast prostheses and bodices. Models of bodices are designed taking into account the recommendations of doctors and the wishes of women who have undergone a mastectomy. The bodices support the prosthesis well thanks to a specially designed cut, provide the necessary confidence and comfort.

The fastening system is very effective, which allows you to play tennis, do therapeutic exercises, swim.

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