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Since 1998, we have been manufacturing and providing individual prosthetic and orthopedic products of any complexity to all persons with disabilities, including military service members.
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Prostheses of upper extremities

Prostheses of upper extremities in Odesa

An arm is an incredibly complex organ that is necessary for a full-quality life. And if for any reason a person has lost an arm or a part of it, then a good solution would be to use special mechanisms – prostheses of upper extremities. Recreating a real arm is a task that is almost impossible to fulfill, but quality devices perform a lot of functions and help coping with the work of the arm.

You can order the prostheses for upper extremities to be manufactured at Tellus Prosthetic and Orthopedic Care Center. Our professionals manufacture high-quality and functional devices that are convenient and reliable.

Upper extremity prosthetics: comfort and functionality

Modern manufacture of upper extremity prostheses allows creating high-quality and effective devices that can be controlled by both muscles and movements of the stump.

There are 4 types of modern upper extremity prostheses:

  • Passive. Affordable, simple options that promote sustainability. Equipped with a function of holding objects, they do the main job.
  • Manageable. Commonly used, prices for upper extremity prostheses of this type are affordable. The device is durable and multifunctional. It is attached with straps and controlled by movements of the hand or elbow joints. The control mode is configured by other programs.
  • Myoelectric. They are distinguished by a functional movement system and external power supply using sensors. There is no need to use movements of the hand and joints; all processes are performed through capturing the muscular movements of the stump and upper body. They are distinguished by having more power than other devices.
  • Hybrid. Here, myoelectric traction is combined with a body control system. The prices of upper extremity prostheses are higher, but at Tellus Center you will have them manufactured at affordable price.

There are also special upper extremity prostheses that are designed to perform work that usually harms the equipment. Such a device consists of an interface, a receiving sleeve, a suspension, and additional elements.

Tellus Prosthetic and Orthopedic Care Center – prosthetics of any complexity

You can order upper extremity prostheses in Odesa or throughout Ukraine at Tellus specialized center. We offer highly efficient and durable devices.

The cost of upper extremity prostheses is determined according to the customer’s request, but in our center, you can choose among the available options.

Our professionals work with exceptionally reliable materials and regularly study new technologies to improve manufacture of prostheses. Each customer will receive exclusively modern and safe devices to make work and processes easier both in everyday life and for performing special tasks.

Upper extremity prostheses in Ukraine are reliable, functional, and productive devices.