Center for prosthetic and orthopedic care "Tellus"
Since 1998, we have been manufacturing and providing individual prosthetic and orthopedic products of any complexity to all persons with disabilities, including military service members.
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Spine orthoses

Orthoses are orthopedic devices that are used to restore and correct dysfunction of the joints and spine. Tellus Center has extensive experience in manufacture of lower and upper limb orthoses and spinal orthotic systems. Orthoses are made according to individual measurements, considering the existing pathology of the patient. In manufacture of orthoses, German equipment from Ottobock (Germany), components from Becker Orthopedic (USA), Ortorek (Turkey) and others are used. We manufacture orthoses of any complexity.

Tellus is the only center in Ukraine that manufactures complex orthoses for walking – reciprocal orthoses (RGO) – devices for restoring and correcting gait. They are manufactured using components from Becker Orthopedic (USA), namely a complex system of splints, hinges and a half-corset, owing to the experienced doctors and technicians of the Center, who professionally examine the patient and take all necessary measurements for subsequent manufacture of the device, taking into account individual features of the patient’s pathology case.

A sitting orthosis is an individual device that helps children with severe forms of cerebral palsy to support the affected areas of the body and teaches the child to properly hold the spine and support the musculoskeletal system as a whole. Since 2015, Tellus Center started manufacture of a device for treatment of scoliosis, namely a Cheneau-type corset – a rigid corset designed using 3D technology with scanning and modeling in a specialized software. In addition to Cheneau corset, our patients undergo a full course of treatment consisting of physical therapy, massage and correction, with subsequent replacement of the corset following growth and positive dynamics.